Exercises with 1, 2, 3 and 4 T4Ds

Not sure what you can do with 1, 2, 3 or 4 T4D Fitness’? This is where we tell you.

The T4D Fitness, the new tool for training proprioception


Train for Dynamics introduces the T4D Fitness, the new, unique way to train your “brain-body connection,” which is your Proprioception. Every day you use proprioception: when you walk, when you reach for an object… 

When you train your proprioception your body becomes more ready for life in general, and reduces the risk of injury and falls during sports.

When we move outside our base of support, it means we use more physical
energy and have more potential risk for injury. It is our proprioceptive capacity that helps us to manage these situations of potential imbalance. We are challenged by un level surfaces, with both our feet not in full contact with the ground, everyday and in almost every sport, making us rely on our proprioceptors to keep us balanced. In fact, the foot in total support, that is with all its area, is found in very few situations in daily life or how an athlete performs.

Yet proprioception in most cases is trained this way…Until Now!


The T4D Fitness, an ally for sports & fitness

The T4D can be used with speeds similar to the specific sport dynamics as well training in instability, with a reduced base of support so the foot can train and develop the necessary forces that are required for activities of daily life, rehabilitation, or the sport at hand.

Training proprioception = Train your 6th sense

The T4D Fitness, a creation of Dr. Mauro Testa

This break through tool is the creation of world renowned Biomechanist, Dr. Mauro Testa, who, after years of research, has thoughtfully developed a modular system that combines traditional neuromuscular training with training of the central nervous system.

Why is proprioception important?

If the demands of our lives and sport make us perform in instability and with smaller bases of support coupled with directional changes and single foot contact at times, it became clear to us that  it was essential to create training systems capable of reproducing, as faithfully as possible, the way in which we move in our environment and in sport.

When we speak of Proprioception, we can correctly define it as our sixth sense; even traditional definitions are approaching this concept as a unique capacity of the human being.

Being the only living beings who live exclusively in the upright position, we understand how essential this sense is in the development and execution of human movement.

Current knowledge helps us to understand that proprioception is not merely the ability to manage one’s own imbalance but the ability to feel or perceive oneself with respect to the space in which we move and exist.

Dr. Mauro Testa

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