The Science behind the T4D

Train for Dynamics introduces the T4D, the new, unique way to train your “brain-body connection,” which is your Proprioception.


Biomechanics is the science that studies human movement. Its goal is to optimize physical exercise, and make it healthy and free from the risk of injuries.

The idea of applying biomechanics to the study of prioception to create the revolutionary and innovative T4D, that allows you to better your performance, improve mobility and stability, and prevent injuries overall.


Prioception, your 6th sense

Did you know that we utilize our proprioception in our daily lives as well as Sport?

Training Proprioception can help you prevent injuries and be more efficient. It’s the brain body connection that is so important for training and rehabilitation.

The T4D has a patented cup to use as a proprioceptive/biofeedback tool.


The T4D’s science approach

Dr. Mauro Testa is Train4Dynamics technical and scientific consultant, who for 30 years has been working in the fields and studies of study of ergonomics, posture and biomechanical science, being  leading international figure in this area.. 

Dr. Testa has always believed in research and innovation. With more than 300 patents. In 1994 he began collaborating in sports to contribute to improvement through the application of the principles of biomechanics in sportswear and equipment.

He is a consultant for the main Italian football clubs and was responsible for the biomechanics performance area of the Italian football teams in 2017. 

He developed an athletics track for the 2008 World Championships in Beijing, obtaining incredible sports results (36 records) and preventive ones (zero injuries amongst the athletes). For the Tokyo track he also contributed by providing data, analysis and information on biomechanics and the functionality of the body in contact with the new synthetic products used for the tracks, with the aim of lowering possible sources of injury and improving performances.

For Train4Dynamics he has developed the T4D, a break through tool who, after years of research, has thoughtfully developed a modular system that combines traditional neuromuscular training with training of the central nervous system.